Hello world!

Hello World !

This is the title wordpress.com has chosen for me, it’s not bad, simple and to the point.

Today, the 8th of May 2010 at 12:36 afternoon, I started my first public official blog. Tee’s blog. Tee is a nickname I have chosen for myself, being the first alphabet of my first name, it just sounded cool. – and apparently it sold well among my friends, also thanks to facebook, I am most of the time called by “Tee”.

The idea for this blog was inspired by many reasons factors. The most important for me would be that I have always loved expressing myself and my thoughts in words, through writing, or public speaking, but as you can see through my poor approach, I have not been practicing the hobby often. – But I do try.

However, the second important reason that got me to start my blog is because I happened to stumble upon quite a number of Sudanese bloggers, during my random internet cruising and search for the answer to this complicated universe ! and specially about Sudan, my homeland. I happened to have developed some sort of an interest in politics, out of patriotism.

The idea of blogging has always been fascinating to me. Those bloggers of different nationalities, backgrounds and different walks of life gave me a push and the courage to do what I have always dreamed to excel in; writing to deliver thoughts.

I can only hope this becomes a successful experience.

As far as this moment, I have so many mixed ideas in the head of what exactly do I wanna make this blog about, which topics, how is it going to develop ? – But I’d rather not think too much and just write what it feels like writing – That’s what my blog will be about. I love colors, I love diversity and I love change to the better – I will try to make this blog, as much as I possibly could, colorful and full of life.

For now, I believe this is enough. To my non-existing fans, yet, thanks for reading and thanks for your support ;p.



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