Tee is doing a course by the name “Archi-Torture”, does it sound familiar ? – This is why I have been away from this blog for too long. There are trillions of thoughts everyday about a million random things which feels like I can write pages about, but I completely fail to compose or even to remember when it’s the time to.

My last assignment was a container Architecture project for a compact living concept and I was limited to two containers. Anyway I have, thanks to a dear, chosen the site for my containers by the river Nile, and facing north to be exact. I made sure there are enough openings in the little house for pure and natural Nile breeze, more glass for spaciousness and beautiful Nile view. The house (containers) are constructed somewhat in the center of the water.. When you look at it from a distance you would see it floating. Even when you’re on it, you look down to the shiny water reflections. It’s more of a boat house concept (it comes with a boat !).

This is nothing but a model making, designing and drawing training for us, and I wish it was trully built. But it’s never too late, right after I graduate I’ll build that container boat house in the river Nile, with full high-tech furniture (No Aircons!)  So I make it my chill out semi-retreat spot. Because I plan to build a real retreat house somewhere else :D. These are, so far, only dreamy futuristic plans.

Having had the hardest and most painful time this last week working on containers (the assignment is due this Friday :-@) I was hoping I would find time to blog, specially when too many ideas drop by for visiting, at random, random times.

The one idea I found that wasn’t random or let me say, the feeling that was not random was me feeling home sick. Oh! Sudan ! :-(.

My Sudanism began flooding at some point when I was doing my containers and I had to start imagining the real location, since I can’t be there, and somehow I think, I just think I smelled some of the Nile breeze I was talking about ! – So yeah, I also had to be looking at pictures of that river in order to be able to show my lecturers the reality of my site plan.. It made it worse. Add to that, Sudanese facebook groups, I mean the good ones.

You see this has not happened to me in more than 2 years which means it’s real eh ! – I have always distracted the thought of Sudan by looking at how bad the political situation is, and probably because I and my family have somehow experienced the life there with its heavy burdens and then had to deal with the moving around the world. It always made me, as much as I belong, feel that I don’t belong there enough, although my people are the greatest. You should know by the way that my family and I have always been resettling from here to there, it’s not fun. And if I need to mention, I come from an average middle class family.

My best years so far though, were in Sudan. The years when I went to high school, and made my first bunch of “close” friends there. My craziest classmates. We had good times. Them years were more of a turning point in my life as I also matured a little of course :p.

Through my father I started following politics of course,  something never interested me all my life. But when I realized that it plays a major role in the happiness of the tiniest individual like my self, or my family, I was somehow pushed to start following. And it is interesting.

So lately I have been stumbling upon more and more young Sudanese men and women in the blogsphere who are freely blogging out their thoughts, their ideas, in every literate, open minded manner – Right in the time when I started loosing hope in the majority of the Sudanese population, of my generation, when it comes to intellect and real brain usage. Something that really impressed and amazed me and gave me back hope that one day we shall be able to build a nation of positive thinking intellectual inhabitants.

I’m glad to see that young men and women started to blog and write their minds away, I’m glad to see the activities being held in Khartoum are happening, like the Open Mic nights in Khartoum – It tells me there are people who love their country, their culture and their unity and that this is a what we call a revolution. A revolution of culture – Something Sudanese people were not able to do for long years.

In them long years, Artists were oppressed, journalist were silenced, and punishment was stressed – Somehow, and I believe it began from Lubna‘s courage and her fearless defense to her case – things have to some extend changed.

Also before that I knew about a courageous lady who decided to write an article about why she thinks we need colonization back. She was sent to a mental hospital and has been tortured.

Nonetheless, it’s great to see that people’s voices are coming out.

All this together and my Sudanism grows bigger and stronger – from a container house on the river Nile to a Mental Hospital in Khartoum there is so much on the journey to be missed and reminisced –

I would like to say Thumbs Up to every Sudanese individual who did the most minimal contribution for a better Sudan. Bloggers, Artists, political activists and everyone who cares. Keep it up !

Now I’ll go back to my virtual world of container boat houses and the river Nile.



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  1. I promise to give you more visuals and photographs of my container project in a soon to come post – I’m working hard to make it a reality !

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