I discovered a blog today named “I HAVE NO TRIBE AM SUDANESE” ! Thumbs up to that title.!

It relates to me a lot. I am one of those tribeless Sudanese people (if there is a bunch of them?) and I am proud to be one. My family roots tend to be a mixture of races in that country and as much as I have asked my father or my mother or any member of the extended family, I couldn’t have possibly found a clear convincing answer.

“Your granfather is born here, he lived there, your dad was born there then he lived here and you were born somewhere in between” – I would usually get answers like that. So,  I gave up. However, some friends of mine who are very proud of whatever race they come from and make a big fuss about it, they make fun of me when I answer “I don’t know” – it just seems shameful to them. Sorry not my fault, but am proud to be Sudani for sure.

So basically, I’m just a salad, but surely a Sudanese salad, like eggplant salad ? (sala6at aswad/ sala6at usood) ! – Or the tomatoes indulged in yoghurt and some olive oil salad – yummy. Yes that’s me ! Salad ! Ceasar Salad and I love salads ! – Don’t we all ? 😀

Vive Le Salads.



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