Jennifer Aniston’s retreat house at Bukit Gasing Forest Reserve, PJ.

So today I and colleagues started the new project of completing a retreat house in PJ.

Location is a forest reserve, more like a jungle with high humidity and a biting population of insects/flys/mosquitos, whatever. I personally thought that’s a no no spot for a retreat house, but we don’t have a choice. We should assume it’s for a client.

Speaking about the client, he/she must be a celebrity or a famous person. Having no idea whome do I love that much of a celebrity to “imagine and sense” as my client, first thought was Jennifer Aniston :-D. Well, she is a hot collected woman I believe, as someone commented, with the hotest character and personality, according to the show “Friends”. I’m sure most of you agree 😀

But come to think of it, I do not think she would like her house to be in a location as such. Although the jungle is at a high point where you can see a big part of the old city from… I still wasn’t intrigued.!

On a more optimistic note, I am “supposedly” the architect, therefore it’s my duty to make that retreat house, a real one. Regardless of location or weather, I should at the end of the day take control of all the surrounding factors and make them work for me.

So, Miss Jennifer, here’s a cheers to your new retreat house ! 😀 (Glass clinging sound).

Before we start however, I would like to show you or share with you, how I could possibly figure out what or how Miss Jennifer would like her new holiday home to look like /feel like- I have reasearched and found that she might be owning 2 houses or more, one in Malibu beach (she bought when married to brad pitt) and the other which I am more focused on is in Beverlly hills – Each of them costs a fortune.

I shall focus on the Beverly hills property because it is said to be “eco-friendly” – Although it costs $15 Million.! The house was built in the 70s, probably that’s why it has such high value, being antique, she bought the property and hired a team of Architects, designers to “eco-friendify” the place and renovate.


You see I am required to design a house with a passive approach, meaning less use of active elements and more use of natural elements like Sun lighting, wind ventilation and water circulation – Looking at miss Jenn’s house up here it seems she is gonna have to lower her standards a bit :-p. Not really, I actually mean I have to be creative enough to make sure my “passive” design is rather practical and functional as much as possible, as close to active as I can possibly be.

I should consider other things about Miss Jenn too, like her family members. O, well ! She is alone at the time being. I’ll assume she will come to her holiday home with her friends, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow and maybe Matt Le Blanc too. Haha! That will be fun to see happening again – Maybe they will have a new set for acting, other than “Monica’s” apartment in NY. – Then we get to see an 11th season of the show ! Wow.

You wish !

Great ! Now I feel more confident about to start working on the house, the client(s) is “Friends” headed by Miss Jennifer Aniston – it’s going to be the gang’s new retreat home – Since I follwed the show and seen much of the reality in it, I should be able to design something for their taste.

Now let’s see our site, like I said, it’s HUMID up there – to me it was annoying. that will make it difficult to maximise the use of passive elements of ventilation, because there is less wind around. Unless we cut more trees which is just not right. So, instead of cutting more trees (other than the ones on the house site), we shall move and try to adjust to the highest point, lesser contours and lower trees area. Will also use fans inside the house of course and a lot of mosquito nets in the windows and doors. I will be using aircondition in the bedrooms, am sure Miss Jenn wouldn’t want her life to be relying on a few mosquito nets at night – at the end of the day, it does not protect 100% from mosquitos and is not secure enough.

That’s for ventilation, let’s see how about lighting – Well, you can never lack the sun in Malaysia ! – So it’s not a problem, using glass panels or other light conducting materials like recycled plastic bottles can work for both decoration and partitioning as well as for lighting.

We can talk about a range of ideas when it comes to bottle walls –

It is indeed fascinating I think. Simple but very elegant. Can I use bottle walls in your retreat home Miss Jenn ? – Miss Jenn: Of course, Sure why not ! – Thank you Sexy Hot Jenn !

Now comes the water circulation system, the tougher part of them all.

Definitely there is going to be a normal water system as in water tabs, heaters, septic tank and all that for the circulation but the source is what shall be in question for me. I do of course want make use of the rain water. It rains almost everyday in this land, heavily. By allocating and orienting water collecting tanks on the top of the house or anywhere around it we can have a reliable source of water. We will connect the tanks to a filter or more to make sure the water entering the house is clean. Also the water that will be coming out of the house (that which has been used for washing or showering for example) will be collected in another tank and then be filtered to be saved in reserve tanks.

That way we might end up having much more water than we need. That’s why I decided there is going to be a swimming pool.! yet, there will still be excess which is going to be saved in more and more huge water tanks.

See how resources can effect your design and functionality ? I just came up with the swimming pool idea, although I should have done that much earlier, but apparently not knowing what to do with some extra water pushed me to think a little !

Anyhow, here are some pictures for where I have to build your holiday in Malaysia home Miss Jennifer, and friends,

Somewhere in this jungle, yes.

Somewhere by this telecom tower,

Where the mosquitos bite.

But don’t worry, I shall make this better than your Malibu beach home Miss Jennifer :-D.



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