30 days of blogging BEGINS

30 days of blogging is apparently a new campaign that is meant to produce a creative writter out of you, after intensive brainstorming and mind squeezing for a whole month – this is atleast what I deduce from it.

The campaign was started, as I have read in global voices, by an Egyptian blogger. I’m not sure if there is a certain time people should start but even if there is, I missed it anyway, so might as well start my own 30 days.

Bare with me people, you’re going to read and see a lot of crap in 30 coming posts – I will be only training myself meanwhile.

Guess what this is my first post out of 3o ! ūüėÄ SO there’s 29 to go.

I love Sade ! The woman has voice, talent and what it takes to become a shining star in the world of music. “Trying my hardest, doing my best” – been humming this since today morning for some reason – Is it possible that it relates to me today, in anyway ? do I feel like am trying my hardest and doing my best ? – hmmmm. Am I ?

Anyhoooo. I’m still home sick and I want to go to Sudan. I think am gonna call up a few friends and plan a fund rasing campaign for my ticket. I mean all I need is 3 to 4 thousand people each donating $50 cents.

If you feel you want to help, please, by all means, ask for my paypal account – Malaysian local bank account – I will be very happy to give it out. And then when I have successfully made it home and then succesfully made it BACK I will give you guys the best reportage about a home going holiday – With details and pictures – Ya’ll gonna love it :-D.

Calling all the people with big loving caring hearts around the world – your $50 cents each or $1 will make a huge difference. Tee, the sad kid wants to go home and is too poor to afford the ticket (What a tragedy!) :-(.

This is me asking for donation through ether. Trying my hardest, doing my best !



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