Who’s who ? What ? Illuminati ?

Recently a friend of mine was flipping over a documentary he watched on youtube called the “the Arrivals”, he was insisting that I watch it and he told me that it would immensely interest me. He was right.
The documentary is about this secret society called the Masons, and it seemed to me like everyone knows about their existance except me, but no one has ever mentioned them in my presence, which made it sound even more secretive and high profile ! Oo scary. And the music in the video does help creep up the story a little extra.

Anyway, for those of you out there who haven’t heard of them before, like me..
It is said that they are a group of people who are completely taking control over the world. They control the media, the economics, the politics and they are behind every major scenario the world goes through.. I do find that interesting to look at.
The documentary film elaborately explains to you what they are, who they are, where they come from and what are they planning, with much evidence from the Holy Quran and the Bible, it is hard not to believe it, even if you’re a no-religion person. The documentary tries to explain to you that they are after the coming of the Anti-Christ. I mean, little do I know about these things anyway… But it was still worth the knowing.
Their symbol is the pyramid and the watching eye on the top of it… they also represent themselves in many other similar symbols. According to the documentary film; They have constructed thousands of buildings in the world with an approximate similarity in design, aligned together across the globe, in a certain pattern ?. These structures with certain geomotrical shapes attract and emit energy of different levels- Negative energy.! Most, if not all of these architectural monuments, buildings, shopping centers, ornaments have a pyramidic, triangular feature. Reminds me of Sunway Pyramid shopping center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Looking at that center, after you have watched the video, you would swear it’s part of the whole conspiracy, but they apparently missed it out in the video since they were documenting hundreds of other structures around the world. Oh yeah, Burj Dubai, the tallest in the world, is one of these structures… And also Wafi Mall in Dubai looking exactly like Sunway Pyramid in KL, both with ancient egypt and pharoas theme… Hmmm, it’s a long list am telling you.

It does to some far extend sound true, when you have watched the film, this is what you feel; confusion. Should I really believe this ? What difference will I make ? Tell the whole world about it ? and then what ? . In the film they tell you that they are just behind every little detail in your life. Music, movies, consumable products, food and everything. Never in my life have I felt this much controlled.

And then just last night I hear about Mr Illuminati. I don’t even know if he’s a Mr or a group of Misters. They said he murdered Michael Jackson and he made Britney Spears sing “you control me something something.. am weak something something” – Sounds like slavery in a different form ? Ah.! it’s actually too much to think about, but I still find it interesting, yet again I don’t know what kind of role I can play to anull this, that’s in case it is true. At the end of the day they all say we are being controlled and it’s a BIG conspiracy to take over the world – makes me feel like a weak powerless individual anyway.

Oh and I found a page that tells you what you need to do to become part of that team, heh. It aint easy.- Anyway I wont paste any link here so incase, YOU decided to become one of them, I don’t have to burden the guilt of responsibilty later :p.- But am still letting you know, since the saying “If you can’t beat them, join them” !

Anyway, keep your eyes wide open after you watch the video, nothing much will happen but you will just become more puzzled about this complicated universe, like I am right now :-@.

Happy watching.

By the way, this is my 2nd post in the “30 days of blogging campaign” – 28 to go ! ūüėÄ



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