Neutralism simply means being in the middle of multiple opinions, looking at issues from different points of views and different perspectives. Point being, don’t be a closed minded extremist, selfish person. Be a neutralist, like me ūüėÄ

Neutralists however should not be people who just sit and watch, they must have an opinion that seems fairly logical and in favor of the majority, if not everyone. Democrats ?

How I see my neutralism is; although I do not agree with a certain opinion but I feel I can always go into the opposition’s mind and see how they think and understand why they think. Because to each and everyone of us, whatever one does, it’s right, whatever one thinketh, it’s also correct. No one can ever admit stupidity¬†subconsciously, therefore we feel wholeheartedly that what we think is correct. Regardless of any other opposing opinion.

It’s hard to admit though at many times, that your opposition might be correct about a certain issue, we usually fear defeat, mental defeat. That’s why we tend to stick to our own brains. – Try switching sometime.

Like take the issue of religions. Two people from different religions will never question their own beliefs, but each of them is following his own because he/she thinks and wholeheartedly believes this is the right path to follow, while subconsciously suggesting that the other person is wrong, maybe not literally, but just for the lack of a better word. It’s hard to admit, but we’re humans and it’s only natural to think logically. I mean if I follow a certain belief, that means I, in the deep back of my brain think that other beliefs are wrong. Or I would have converted to what ever my other friend¬†believes¬†in, if I am completely convinced.

However, sometimes, it is a matter of pride, and deep down rooted teachings that you will find very difficult to alter.. Even your non- religion principles and life basics. When questioned we feel threatened.

Take the issue of racism. I honestly believe, no matter what democrats think; that every human being has a tiny bit of race pride. Can you ever or do you ever degrade your own race ? of course not. Therefore, when you are clinched to your race, or your skin color, body and soul (you don’t have a choice) and since you feel proud about it, at some point wherever it was, whenever it was, and how small it was, ¬†you will feel superior to another race. Knowingly or not. I feel superior to white people myself sometimes, according to many standards that have nothing to do with skin color. For example by realizing someone is a white racist, I feel they are of a lower standard for their lack of humanity. ūüôā

A white person thinks the dark skinned is inferior because he/she, in the depth of his heart has so much reason to feel so. He could have grown up in a very racist society, he has learned all the way through his childhood that Dark skin people are of lower standard. By the time he/she is old enough to express his/her racism it will be rooted within him/her, although he/she doesn’t or might not have enough logic to hold on to in this sense, but he can’t easily change it. Also, to be more logical, the world has the typical mentality and stereotyping about African people. They relate Africa with poverty, illiteracy and hence lower standards of living, which eventually portrays a picture and an impression in the brains of those who don’t know what is Africa really about. Even if poverty and lower standards of living relate to Africa and dark skin people.. People ought to look, search and go deeper to know. But what do they know ? and who really cares ? – Non but a few.

Racists are sick people who need to find the medication to cure their illness, and what neutralists do is try, diagnose and analyse the reasons behind that illness.

To me, I believe there is no more dark skin people discrimination in the world, it ended. It just happens to those who are very¬†conscious¬†about it. But there is still some in Malaysia :-D. My point is, just don’t ever let someone make you feel inferior, only then, you seriously become discriminated against.

Discrimination happens also in religion, since Islam seems to be the most attacked religion in the world at the time being, many people out there who have the wrong image about it seem to know nothing about Islam but that the media displays – and hence wrong judgement. Also blame it on those Islamic strict¬†dictator¬†governments who do all the wrongdoings in the name of Islam. I therefore can’t blame outsiders to see the Islamic religion in the wrong way. It’s only what they have seen and heard.

Of course though, there are extremists and real haters who are not even willing to know or look for the truth. Not willing to skip their pride a little to learn a thing or two. As a matter fact they are willing to do whatever it takes to degrade publicly, insult and as much wish to kill people. Those I can never understand no matter how neutral I get, because I am human too and at some point I do have principles that keep pulling me back, putting me to grounds. In fact, it’s because I am neutral, I will never be able to understand extremists.

Someone close to me recently updated me with his religious status, he said he turned into an Agnostic. From a religion to a no religion. I couldn’t really condone it because I think that is also extreme. I mean when you seriously start believing that there is no truth to any belief in this world – that’s being extreme. Because as far as I can comprehend religion, any religion, is a set of rules that are meant to make us live in harmony and peace together, regardless of what seems to be the disappointment in the world right now, we can still try and¬†cling¬†to the valuable teachings, of what so ever religion, that were the product of something true, something real, something¬†spiritual,¬†and we should also believe that this universe has a creator because it is so far from logic to think life started from negative infinity and will end in infinity. That’s extreme stupidity.¬†I’m glad though, he says he still believes there is a God.

I don’t condone extremity in all forms. There is always two sides of the story. Be loving, be caring, be understanding, be open minded so you can feel and see the things you never have before.

Don’t judge me if you don’t know me.

3rd out of 30 posts. ūüėÄ



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