The Prophet Drawings

There is a very interesting facebook status that has been going around lately, copied and pasted by my friends from each other.. It was in regards to the Prophet Mohammed cartoon drawing competition on facebook.

The status message says

When u attack Black people, they call it Racism! When u attack Jews, they call it Anti-Semetism! When u attack women, they call it Sexism! When u attack homosexuality, they call it Intolerance! When u attack a Country, they call it Treason ! When u attack a religious sect, they call it terrorism. But when they attack the Prophet Mohammed, they call it FREEDOM OF SPEECH !!? ( Share if u Care) !!

Those who make the cartoon drawings of prophet Mohamed need understand by now that Muslims have an extreme jealousy when it comes to their prophet. It’s something most other religions may not understand.

The whole value of the prophet in Islam other than his teachings is that he is someone people are not supposed to have a usual image of, he is a human being, but he is so sacred and holy that it is not possible to draw him or have an illustrated imagination of him or how he looks like – It’s degrading to his value, simply when you draw him on a piece of paper.. Some more trying to make him look funny like that..

Although I said it before that I don’t condone extremity, but when feelings of anger and jealousy are provoked, those who provoke it are what I am going to call extremists.

When you know that by throwing a cigarette in a petrol station you may cause an extreme explosion – and then you still do it, that means you calling for trouble and an extreme trouble.

The world is full of other characters worth your caricature’s creativity.

Your freedom of speech will never be compromised if you did not draw the prophet Mohammed. Nothing will happen to you. On the other hand if you do, you will make more than half of the world’s population angry, why ?

Unless you want to get fame and make a quick buck, then your action is justified.

The world will get no where when people keep pissing each other off … There is beauty to limits and respect of others. Do your thing, say your opinion and say what you feel like saying, but when you have drawn your limits you make things even more meaningful. We are not animals, we are human beings, we have brains to use, there are rules to play by.. Even animals play by the rules.. Why can’t we ? At least the minimal rules of how people can live in peace among each other. – Draw lines of spiritual and social respect, no harm in that. Believe me.

If the drawings are an answer for what the world considers terrorism of the religion; Islam. – I say you’re wrong and terrorism has nothing to do with prophet Mohammed or Islam. Go read your history books.

Nonetheless, Muslims are to be blamed too.. Their extreme reaction across the globe awakened the urge of those cartoonists and “freedom” activists to do what ever it takes to defend their actions. It made them realize that they got the world’s attention for just sketching a few lines on a paper and hence they like what they do … Even if the world didn’t like it.. by getting a little support from here and there and from those who really benefit, they felt that they have a weapon that can do so much and they called it “freedom of speech”  –

Had the Muslims expressed anger, dislike or disagreement in a moderate way, it would have probably ended sooner and easier. But now, “freedom of speech” activists are getting exactly what they want, that’s why they are “activists” – it’s their job when you give them reason.

They know that they will get no attention if they have depicted cartoonishly any other religious figures, at least not as much as Muslims would get angry with the prophet’s drawings. At the end of the day Muslims to them are those loud yelling good for nothing ignorant Arabs. – Unfortunately.

You freedom activists, chill ! There is no point for fighting if you hurt people, neither your freedom is compromised if you quit provoking anger…

Muslims, also chill ! Quit giving them attention, that’s their fuel to make you angry.



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