To all those who graduated, this 2010.

So many good friends have graduated, some left and some are yet to leave. This is sad for a couple of reasons;

1) I still haven’t which makes me envious, but still happy for you all of course. (My turn is coming) ūüėÄ
2) No one knows when are we ever meeting again and what’s the future has in store for us – fear of the unknown.
3) I will miss my friends.

AND I KNOW all of you will miss Malaysia and it’s complex happy but miserable life.¬† You will miss the nasi goreng and the ayam, you will miss the grumpy taxi drivers, all the lah’s mah’s and leh’s.. you will miss that it rains forever and the highway tols that rip you off.. and you guys will miss paying an astro bill every month :p. – Did you all take your rental deposits ? paid your electricity bills ? – I know some of you will leave their housemates to suffer facing the landlords on their own. haha. I can imagine.

We shall have good and ONLY good memories of those funny varsity days.

May good luck be on your side and may your future shine with success and happiness.





  1. ur blog is tight…its good that ur putting ur writting skills into practice…keep on writting brother..u never know one day u might turn into a famous author ūüôā

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