The pleasures of smoking.

Today has been a long day. A hectic and exhausting one, for the lack of better words.

I woke up in the morning with so many phone calls, from random people really, and let’s say, side businesses I had to take care of – That’s what I do when I have a day off from my classes and today was the day.

Around and about the city of Kuala Lumpur I have been hoping from a destination to another, like a maniac, in my hand a non-stop ringing phone and right on my head; was a burning hot sun.. This day, however, occurred in the wrong time, since I decided to quit smoking 4 days ago.

As a result, I came to realize so many pleasures of smoking..

That moment when your brain freezes and you’re about to loose your marbles – your cigarette, that little white neatly rounded cylinder,  gives you an illusion, that you are totally de-stressing while you’re actually, even more compressing. – At least,  however, feeling what you need to feel gives you that self satisfaction and an ounce of pleasure..

After you have stuffed yourself with a good meal, nothing is better than a cigi that smokes the gases in your guts away – gives you a breather, accelerates your digestion – beats your drums ! – Makes you feel that the world is such a safe heaven where you can smoke all your stuffed worries away in a puff, two or three… makes you feel so free- That all you need in life is a toilet seat.. or a bed where you can lye, have a shut eye and rest your feet.

When you sit down and think about your future, your past and your present, when you sit to reminisce while waiting for a thing or two – You feel that smoking a cig gives this clarity of thoughts, this little confidence, this little boost of ego that comes from holding a little cylinder between your tallest fingers. The inhaling and the exhaling process becomes tenderly slower giving you this relaxation mood.. As the nicotine travels in your system massaging your muscles away..

And when socializing with a bunch of friends, what does make a gathering, so much fun other than that pack of cigarettes that goes around? People asking for lighters.. everyone feeling so good, like taking control of the whole conversation as you hug that cigi between your fingers.. or between your lips..

Nothing is a feel good like a new plastic wrapped packet of Dunhill lights, or Marlboro Red, Winston, Davidoff, Pall Mall, L&M… Just all brands.. with a new efficient good looking lighter..

Pleasures of smoking are uncountable …

However, I QUIT.

For the consequences are fatal.


This post, dedicated to myself as an encouragement to quit the bad habit of smoking at what ever cost and for those out there who need more encouragement. I know though I have not mentioned anything bad about smoking but let’s use reverse psychology this time. We have been seeing the pictures, the warnings, knowing the facts but we’re completely ignoring. Might as well mention some pleasures for smoking.. maybe stubborn people will listen :-D. (That’s my own mentality you don’t have to understand, it’s ok).

Here, enjoy the pleasures of smoking with a two year old kid from Indonesia…

What do you think stresses him that much ? He smokes 40 cigs a day. Crazy ! – This kid if he’s still alive, he’s got only a week to live. Even that, is too much.

Let’s face it, the only reason we smoke is because of our illusional temptations, but it’s not worth it when you think of the consequences, when you see someone dying of lung cancer or someone with a hole in the neck for breathing… Not worth it. – And you never know, you might be the next victim…

However, this is just sharing of thoughts.. Do what you please my friends. You know better. 🙂




  1. Go get ’em bro. It’s all a case of mental discipline. I’ve met a lot of people that complain about having tried so many times and failed so they stop working, but really the key is to never be comfortable with it. It’s one thing to give up to whim and wrong, but it’s another thing to give up to whim and wrong and in the process become comfortable with what you’re doing.

    Mental discipline bro, mental discipline. Luck to you.

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