New Bloggers

A new blogger like me is an attention whore seeker.

Although my writing skills are way below average, I’m still hoping and trying for more attention. Don’t blame me, I just need support.

There could be no particular topics to talk about sometime, but there is always this urge to write something. Maybe it’s my new passing by hobby or maybe it’s my future ? – That depends on everybody’s support. – (writing being my future is just too much, I know.)

By the way, it takes a lot of courage to publicize posts on Facebook, since you’re going to be sharing maybe information not necessary for some of your “friends” to know. Or you might be a little shy to be so open about your thoughts and people might find what you say ridiculously stupid and unprofessional.. Or this or that.. you just never know what you’re getting yourself into when you have openly shared thoughts or emotions or information… It does take courage. Specially if you come from a culture/community that isn’t really so much into “freedom of speech”. Haha. Yea yea I’m getting carried away. Anyway, let it be, I will only live once. :p

I don’t like my government and I can go on hating them forever but I find politics way too complicated to write about (another thing that takes courage to talk about). It drives my brain twisted and I have but limited capabilities of comprehension, really. This is just an approach for improvement maybe. Usually politics is the first topic that pops in my head though, yet I try and stop myself so I don’t lose my decency of words choice (if any) when I start writing.. about “the government”. Don’t get me started. ugh.

Checking out my blog visit stats, it seems that the most post I got attention for was “To all those who graduated, this 2010”. Comes in the 2nd place “The pleasures of smoking” and 3rd place for “The prophet drawings”. Of course, non of these posts got attention because they are nicely composed, they just got clicked because of the title. Since many people have graduated, at least on my facebook, therefore many people would relate.

My fellow smokers.. Watsup ! 😀

Oh well, and the prophet drawings, since it is an issue that people quite argued about… might as well get some attention for my opinion. Helllo !

For those intellects out there who do appreciate blogging, bloggers and the whole concept of writing.. Please.. your support is needed. I’m just in love with the idea of being able to express and deliver my thoughts through writing. I would also encourage anyone who is interested, and feels they need to vent out thoughts, start your blog!. We can all work together on improving our thought delivery skills. And if you think you are a professional we could very much, use your constructive criticizm…

Thank you for reading ! 🙂



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