Sighs and sleepless nights.

I came across a masterpiece of a blog today goes by the title “Sleepless in Sudan”. Truly a piece of art work. And a precious one.

The blog is by a 30+ year old ex aid worker in the torn region of Darfur, Sudan. She reported everyday and another, live from the heart of events. Her blog is a first hand account of news. Unedited and uncensored.

Usually when I stumble upon a blog and like it, I would read a post, two or three but just maybe wouldn’t have enough patience to read it all. I, however, read it all this time, and I was this close to shed tears a few times, as I read through and as she blogged her farewell post.

I like the blog because;

  • It gave me an insightful of the life of an aid worker in extreme regions like Darfur, something I would usually carelessly picture and maybe take for granted.
  • Through this anonymous but smart lady’s blog I have certainly gotten myself more educated on the issue of Darfur, from different perspectives.
  • It has somehow moved me, awakened me to realize that people are suffering and it has given me a more realistic picture, although not graphical or visual, but mental and emotional, about the sadness and devastation that’s going on there.

The indulgence and concentration when reading her blog made me forget to sleep despite the exhaustion I am in after a long day.

Sadness, however, was the uniform background of the images that ran through my mind as I was reading. Starving babies, diseases, rape, killings, robberies, harassments, dirty water… And children with no shelter.

The government of Sudan with all the oil wealth it may posses, still wouldn’t make any serious act on the issue, leaving their people to live on aid, get raped and be deprived from basic requirements of survival. Let’s talk about stating the obvious ?

It makes me wonder, when is this ever ending ? where is this going to ? The conflict just keeps getting more complicated.. I mean, the conflicts.

We should have never let them get in the presidential race, the government and its few-but-all-controlling corrupted brains simply do not qualify as a government, not in the simplest standards of primitive retardation. Word !

And as of today, two websites that I and friends largely rely on for news about Sudan have been shut down, or let’s say hacked and have been erased from existence. These two websites are the the transparent ones, and have a good number of anti-corruption writers who contribute to it… Completely disappeared. First, dies away, and then recently, follows. Leaving me and friends to mourn and grief.

Oh ! I know who did it, I just worry that my blog will get hacked too ! :-@.

Please, everyone, read Sleepless in Sudan.. and enjoy yourself with getting into a reality of things, although sad, but the experience is rather precious and many of you would be interested to have an insight like I did.

Happy reading,



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