For you.

You are the reason I smile

all the while..

For you I’d run the longest yard, the longest mile..

I’d swim all along the river Nile

You drive me wild,

for you, I’d even change my style..


In everyday words I try to describe my pride

about you and about the day you become my bride

The day we buy our new ride

and we travel, the whole world wide

forever, together, me and you, side by side.


You are my shining star,

You give me joy like peace after war,

You glow sweetness from way too far,

I love you for who you are,


for you I really care,

hurting you I never dare,

I shall remain faithful, I shall remain fair.

By the way, I always love what you wear

the way you look and..

that shine – that bright glare..

Your beautiful falling hair

Your skin so smooth and fair

my love to you, I repeatedly, declare.


Patience is a virtue they say,

For you, I shall wait, all the way..

every week day,

for your call, for your text message”Oh baby hey”

with me just always be, always stay..

to you I belong, I won’t stray

and I will never betray,

In our bed we lay, and

our feelings we say,

then we make love in every position- every single way.


Tee’s Trial in Poetry. Hope you like it. If you don’t, please say.

Thank you.


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