World Cup fever, Unity and Sudan.

The world is celebrating the world cup 2010, as it is indeed a pride for us, Africans, that we get to host the event in our big continent.

The concert, the opening ceremony, just all of it was a great success, and a colorful blast. Now people sit and watch the games eagerly waiting to find out who is going to take the victory home, the world cup – With inhibition-less enthusiasm.

The first match, South Africa vs Mexico was a great hit start – I and friends watched it in our neighborhood restaurant as we ate and smoked Shisha and screamed our lungs out cheering for South Africa, although knowing Mexico is quite a tough team, but hey, Africans should support each other – at least in soccer, right ?

I am not into soccer anyhow, but I am realizing it is actually a way to deliver a sense of  unity, and fair competition between nations. The only time I give a shoe about football is once every four years. Although my country has never made it to the world cup, but I always enjoyed supporting so many other countries.

I am one fan of South Africa as a country, with diversity of religions, races and ethnic groups living together in peace. Although it wouldn’t be safe to assume they are completely and 100% living together in peace but just to an extend that a person coming from a country like Sudan would appreciate and be fond of.

Nelson Mandela’s story and movie named “Invictus” has definitely moved me and I was intrigued by the man’s mentality of leadership, he is indeed worth so much praising.

When you are from a country named Sudan, you would really feel the value of unity, and true leadership – because when these two are available, you will be able to advance, develop and make the world happy by hosting an event like the Fifa World Cup mondial – and for sure, you will have way less children dying of starvation and lacking education.

Speaking of Education, the concert before the World Cup kicks off was campaigning a good cause named “One Goal – Education for all” – My little sister was naive enough to think how could a physical football “goal” give education for all – I told her no dear, they mean to say “one aim” , they are raising funds. Let’s hope they score that goal and fulfill that aim truly and really. Because I do believe this is what Africa needs, it needs a real investment in education.

A young man from South Sudan, a war child, who was lucky enough to be saved from the war by god’s merciful hands, made it to the TED talks in the United States and did emphasize on the importance of education for Africa – He says it’s the only way out – and I agree. I will blog more about this wonderful young man who is working hard to raise funds to open a School in his village back home – another time. For now, I salute him.

So I was saying, South Africa has truly made the world happy this 2010. As we wait and see who is taking the cup home, or he is keeping the cup home :-D, I wonder who is hosting the mondial in 2014 – There is but a very least chance it’s going to be another African country, for the only African country that can qualify and meet the standards is South Africa.

In 2014, Sudan will have become two already, south and north, and it goes without saying – they will not qualify in another 2000 years ! :-s – let me not get started with the rest of Africa, in exception to a few maybe, Africa needs real leaders.

Wherever the next mondial will be hosted, we shall remain cheerful !

And good luck to all the teams this year.



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