A blog complaint.

I am new to the blogsphere, but I’m quite getting the addiction. I can go on talking forever about h0w much I enjoy reading posts on “freshly pressed”, how I relate to rather random subjects, like really random and different. Somehow, I find my way through and get myself interested to read more about that random topic; like the woman who is posting pictures about her pet cat, the guy who’s annoyed with the woman who lives in his GPS, Shanghai’s blue little men, that chick and her hairstyling ideas ?! The lady who uses sexy french words, the single mom and her happy life or the one who wrote about internet addiction (I totally relate).

Any topic I read gets me interested in reading even more random topics, the more I read, the more I know, the more artistic and attractive the post is, it gives me joy!. This adds up perfectly to my internet addiction. Problem, which might also not be a problem is that this distracts my own ideas of what I need to blog about ! Not that I’m complaining (yes I am), but when I find myself interested to read and probably write about so many things, my brain just freezes. Hence I decided to write a complaint post right here.

Not that I ever want to write about hairstyling though.

I was told to write best, you need to read a lot. My impatience however drives me to wanting to let out, wanting to say and write. That is why I find myself confused about which topic I would rather master, because I feel, as I’m aware of my writting skills that I need improvement. I also don’t want to let my little empty blog die so I also wouldn’t mind posting something as random and pointless as this post. Maybe someone out there would relate.

en revanche, I am thankful for the blog invention, gives me I beleive a wider perspective of the world around us.




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