Snakes on a road.

Snakes on a plane is a movie I never watched but I’m just prejudging it as “very bad”.

Two nights ago I was walking at 3 AM in the morning to some convenience store near my condominium. As I walked I noticed something different, something abnormal lying on the road, as it was dark, I couldn’t see clearly but my gut feeling said it’s a snake. I got closer and I realized that feeling, it was a snake.! Not that it happened before, but just my “basic human survival instincts”. This thing was humongous. It was thick and long, I would estimate a 3 meters length at least.

I watched in my awe, or shock to be exact, I was having a moment of fear and of course I paused walking at a distance and kept watching that creature in real life (almost hiding behind a lamp post).

meanwhile a car driving in that lane stopped and the driver watched the snake having a chill out in the middle of the road and blocking his way. A minute later the driver apparently decided this thing is dangerous to be left here (I agree) and then drove over it in the intention to kill it. I didn’t like the scene really, however the snake wouldn’t die of course, it’s big enough to survive the car weight but I felt the pain it endured, so the snake in its curvy-wavy motion ran back to the mini jungles on the side of the road. I was standing there, awe struck.

I felt sad that the driver drove over the snake, I mean yes it’s dangerous to be left there but I wouldn’t want it to be killed, I bet there are only a couple of tens living there in the city, they should be sent to the responsible authorities, who can take care of them. Glad it didn’t die.

These are moments I wished I had my camera with. The one in the picture is approximately what I saw looked like.

As scared as I was, I still continued walking to the store (on the opposite lane) and came back again, hoping to catch a glimpse of my friend the snake.

Malaysia, I will keep seeing wonders in you everyday.



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