It’s raining and the weather is fantabulous !

In Malaysia rain is no exciting event, unless you have landed in the country a few hours ago, from a dry desert.

This is exactly my point. In Sudan nowadays it is the rainy season and the friends back home seem to be pretty excited about it. “It’s raining and the weather is fantabulous!” to quote a friend’s text message.

Having lived in Malaysia, where it is a tropical forest (so you know it rains a lot !) , it is becoming to me, at many occasions, an event that is either completely ignored and might even go unnoticed or an obstacle in case you’re out there walking, running, or even driving a car at rush hours … at the end of the day, we can’t help adjust rain times.

Nonetheless, I still love rain at night, it cools off the weather dramatically… apparently for that reason people back home are excited about the rain, for it surely cools off the land after a burning hot sun.

One more thing that gave me a feel good when it rained in Khartoum, was the fact that it washed off trees, roads and buildings from the dust that’s hanging in the air all year long. Right then Khartoum’s “true colors” would appear and brighten up. The city looks more colorful after the rain halts, with clouds still hesitating to separate and raindrops still drizzling, that for me was a satisfactory refreshing view of the city, a better indulging sight of its twists and turns from a high point. It is just mesmerizing.!

Although in Sudan rain can be very damaging ! Since the infrastructure is very ill prepared and weak to handle rain waters. But, people may have developed a sense of  “who cares” for a little feel of cool breeze after the hot unwelcome summer.. Nothing much happens anyway, little streets just get flooded and people may find difficulty going through in the mud from point A to B .. it’s OK, who cares !

So I guess, I am excited it’s the rainy season back home too. Let’s celebrate !




  1. dear TEE
    U know what i love the most about autumn in Sudan? i used to think it was weird, but many friends confirmed this thing. Its known as the smell of rain. I’ve lived in Malaysia for 3 years, and the only sign the rain gives u is the dark clouds, u start walking faster or drive like a maniac to avoid the rain, but its not any good. the first drop falls on your head, and you’d be like.. it started raining, i should hurry, i dont wanna get wet. Suddenly and out of nowhere, no warning, its raining on you like there is no 2mrw.. Its literally a slippery situation. Cant escape it most of the time. The funny thing is, i’ve never OWNED an umbrella. I bought a lot of them, but they disappear most of the time. I truly believe there is no such thing as, can i borrow your umbrella? People should just be straight forward and rephrase that to : can i “hussle” your umbrella?.
    Anyways, back to the rain in Sudan. I believe the smell thing is a warning. a good 1. and then you got the “haboob”, which is a clear msg, If you got any wet clothes hung up on the *wire* or *rope*, you betta start collecting dem. n if you’ve been bummin around n postponing your chores of Folding your mattress *coz you been up all night, and woke up around 3pm n ur aunt or grandma didnt wanna wake u up and disturb the peace by asking u to do the daily”chores”* and carrying it all the way across the 7osh so it doesnt get wet and you get blamed for it later.
    Haboob is the second stage, its the storm dat disturbs the peace, at first, it just gets breezy, u can enjoy it for few seconds, until the famous kattaaaa7a joins the party. It gets messy as hell and finally it starts raining.
    Rain in sudan is a barnamij itself my friend!
    I havent experienced dat in like.. 5 years man!
    gal ma6ara fi malaysia gal. del ma shafo 7aja! 😀

    1. You said it right, rain is a whole new “thing to do” in Sudan.. It’s a cheerful event.. unlike here where it gets dead when it rains.
      haha. I laughed plenty at the mattress folding bit.. I miss those days.

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