I wanna be a Billionaire.

You know how it feels when there is a song nagging inside your head and you just can’t seem to get over it ?

“I wanna be a billionaire so frikking bad” –  It has been echoing over and over inside my skull, which was about to lower down and fade away when I saw a friend’s status on facebook  saying the same thing. I am not complaining, I know it’s coming out of the heart before it echoes in my head, at the end of the day who doesn’t want to be a billionaire so frikking bad ?

What money can do is countless, not to sound greedy, but it’s a fact and it’s of truth to say that money changes everything. Egyptians are the best at illustrating that in their movies, since they’re so dramatic in their human nature and the country suffers a high level of poverty plus their general good sense of humor. Putting these ingredients together, a successful local, nationwide and international cinema industry has been made. Somewhat like Indians, but with little musicals. Not just in movies however, but if you walk in the streets of Cairo you would be swearing there is a camera crew somewhere around. It’s drama drama drama everywhere.

As a generally Arab culture and tradition, when one is getting married, the friends and family members who earn their own living should- in order to remain one of proud heritage and generosity- make a significant payment or contribution to the celebration. Otherwise, one maybe a little embarrassed. “Arabs are extremists”.

The Egyptians are creative people, I have to admit. They took advantage of the idea and turned into business. “I invite you to my wedding, you pay, and when you make your wedding I’ll return back your money. Meanwhile I’ll invest it.”. I should mention that there is a book to record how much each has paid. What’s creative is not the idea, it is how they took advantage of such a cultural supposedly meaningful habit. Well, poverty can make you do that.

Nonetheless, I believe in creativity of all forms and I want to be a billionaire, really bad. If I become a billionaire one day, anyone who has read this post will receive a USD500 check*. Seriously. Since the response will be overwhelming, I’ll leave it to that much for now. You never know.

Or you could make a donation now and when I read your post I’ll do the same. :p.

Cheers to the day I become a billionaire.!

*Terms and conditions apply.


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