About The Random Me.

I have always skipped this section of my profile called “about me”. I find it rather awkward it makes me feel when I summarize myself in words, and actually be reading those words. I skip mainly though because am lazy, Or just not confident enough to display myself in words and fear no judgments. I guess this comes together with growing up self discovery or something.

Considering myself a “growing up” young man in between 21 and 22 years of age, I am this close to begin identifying my own real character after I believe I have discovered a significant part of it. So here is a little bit about myself :-

I love Milk and all its derivatives.! But sadly I have met many people who have some sort of “Milkophobia”. It pisses me off really. What’s wrong with Milk ? It just comes from a cow and then we make it into cheese and other stuff. Drink Milk please. It’s good for your bones.

I’m also naturally a random person, like who talks about cow milk in introducing themselves ? – Only if you’re random like me. Good thing I’m always aware of it.

In getting to know new people I find so much interest. For I love discovering people’s characters, I like to analyze and I like to read one’s personality. I find in me a psychiatrist or something. My overwhelming talkability can convince you that you found the solution to your problem, or at least this is how I feel after the letting-it-out of-your-system session. But I’m glad that usually people trust me, for I mostly present my neutral opinion of matters. Also because my physique and self appearance gives, so far, a not so bad impression. Problem is sometimes when I find no one to analyze I start blowing my own trumpet.! like right now.

I like social life, can’t live without social life. Be it family or friends. I’m just on e person who can’t be alone for a couple of hours, otherwise I feel there is something out there I am missing on. And here my impatience doesn’t come in handy, specially when I should be doing my studio work.

I found myself in Architecture, for I was convinced that it’s the most random field of study ever and it suits me well. One day I get to design a hospital another day I get to design an airport.. the day after I get design a jail. Can you feel the randomness and diversity of experiences I’m going to encounter ? And if each was designed in a different country.. that will leave me to die a happy man.

I’m more of an impulsive person, I act faster than I should sometimes, if I care… and other times you find me as cold as ice when I don’t pretty much care. I’m however pretty ok in the department of self cure and moving on. Pretty much protective over my pride. And ego.

The type of music I listen to is called “universal”… I would probably enjoy listening to anything you recommend if we’re good friends.! That however, doesn’t literally mean “anything”.

And urrggh, I’m now pretty annoyed with the sound of me talking about me. Too much me for now.  If you want to know more, make the effort to. Why Should I tell you ?. It’s better if we could save the earth for now, it really needs us. let’s keep it green and then we get to have more farms and cows, more milk and eventually more cheese… please quit using plastic bags on Saturdays when you go to Jusco supermarket, otherwise you’ll have to pay an extra 20 cents for that. Keep it green friends. Save your pockets and save the earth.

This is relevant to my interests.



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