Ramadan this year; interesting !

Ramadan has come this year with what I feel like so much blessings. Like it does every year. The difference is how attendant you are to the month and its real purpose, only then you either feel blessed or it’s just another 30 days that will come and go with insignificant effect. Not that I am seeing or touching the changes in my life yet, but the inner peace that tags along is very precious. Alhamdu- lillah.

A good friend of mine from South Africa is a successful journalist, has asked me a few days ago if I would be available for an interview about Ramadan in Malaysia, I agreed to take part and why not. So I got called last night and only then I realized the interview was on air. Problem was, I was driving and rushing for an errand, to my luck the road was pretty much jammed and I was basically crawling not driving. Which helped me be more attendant to the interview. But I got caught off guard, for I was afraid to sound dumb or something and the fact that the sound wasn’t so very clear, I don’t know if I should blame the network or my phone… So I had to make sure my phone is inside my ear. Nonetheless it was an interesting little experience to be on air. At least it’s my first time.

In the Voice of the Cape (of Good hope), I was asked how is Ramadan in Malaysia different from other places where I have experienced it like Saudi Arabia or Sudan, I told them I find it different in terms of social life and complete recognition of the month. In Saudi Arabia or Khartoum where I lived, the Muslims were the majority and hence Ramadan was felt in the air, everyone is fasting and everyone is aware of it, therefore you find working hours are shortened and more people would get holidays in schools, universities..etc. Also the social activities people do after fast breaking. All of which is hard to encounter in Malaysia similarly. Nothing is like home at the end of the day. I think the presenter has related to this in the sense that the majority are not Muslims in Cape town as well.

I pray and hope for a Holiday in the Cape of good hope.

Ramadan Kareem and have a blessed one.


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