To Blog or Not to Blog (via Over here)

This “person” has said it all. All I wanted to say about blogging

Usually when I read a post, I naturally and immediately assume a gender for the writer. Most of the time my prediction turns out wrong. Other than these times when it’s very obvious who’s writing it, like when you read a single mom’s blog.! For this blog in particular, it turned out to be a young lady, which I don’t know why sounded to me like a young man while I was reading. Guess you learn that by experience. Nonetheless I still enjoyed her piece of simple words. It has defined all my thoughts of blogging that I fail miserably to put together in words, which makes me ask myself why do I still want to blog ?

Taking the advise from the lady I will consider it a way and a space to express myself whenever I felt like it. Here is a reassurance that I will keep blogging. I guess it’s about time I move on with my awe about having a blog and trying so hard to press and impress. I should eh ? – We (I) will get better someday. At least the day I start having a certain direction in my blog because right now it’s not going anywhere. It’s the definition of neutralism and oh ! randomness.!

Thank you (Over here)


To Blog or Not to Blog I’ve been thinking about blogging lately, which is weird. Not as in “oh I should blog about tea” or “I should write something on my blog” but about the general act of blogging and specifically why people choose to write on their blogs or even have blogs at all. I was inspired, if one can say that, by a recent post I read which was about this very subjec … Read More

via Over here


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