The Play and Sexuality.

In many, if not all countries of the world homosexuality is considered a disease, either one that can be taken to a psychiatrist or maybe to church, not to a medical doctor though. The stories and the experiments tell us these methods and many others probably never worked… To me I believe change comes from deep within. Having said that,  if someone is leading a happy life being gay or lesbian, it’s hard to convince them otherwise.

Last night I was invited to a theater play by some friends, which was part of  an exhibition that was organized by a foundation in Malaysia by the name “Seksuality Merdeka”. Merging the “k” and the “s” together we get an “x” hence, sexuality, and Merdeka is Malaysian for Independence. So you get the picture.

They seem to be quite excited about the whole concept of having a less than semi-official body that should represent the independence and freedom of sexuality, the but little power to fight against all the social norms and conventional mind sets, only this time in Malaysia. Good thing they still seem to be aware of the difficulties. What I highly agree on nonetheless is that by the force of law one can not change another. No matter how hard you get beaten or how long you get imprisoned for a homosexuality charge, it won’t change what you desire.

Yet again I think being too loud and about fighting for gay rights and so not, is very overrated. Sorry to say. But yes, specially in a country like Malaysia… Because it seems to me, and to many other observers,  compared to many other Muslim countries, homosexuals are living peacefully in Malaysia when it comes to the law. Why would you want to do it in public anyway ? Even heterosexuals are not allowed in that department. You maybe getting a worse punishment in the case, but then again you have to understand where do they come from.

Do please take time to go around the streets of Kuala Lumpur at night, you’d be surprised at the number of transsexual hookers roaming the streets.. Side by side with police cars.

Personal issues with family and all could be something to discuss but you on the other hand can not force one’s family to accept the homosexuality of their daughter or son without a significant reaction, in most cases, extreme.

And this is what we saw last night in the little drama play. I have to admit that I enjoyed the play for it was very well acted, plotted and creatively thought provoking. They discussed and asked questions after every scene of the play with the audience that were barely a 100, only!?

Audience were seated around a small ground leveled stage, some on the floor and some on chairs, the place was cozy and not big at all. The play was about a Chinese young college boy, (Will Yang) who had to cover up his gay life through his best friend, Jennie, to play as his girlfriend, in front of his mother who is living on her own and has so much hopes for her only son, since the father passed away. Turns out Jennie always had a crush on Will himself and the whole pretending she has to do for his sake and his mom was not making the situation easier for her… She started complaining which made Will feel enough guilt to decide on coming out to his mother… The story gets interesting, and the coming out scene was quite.. to say the least, active ! there were other scenes in the middle that involved the boyfriend.. and .. it got a little uncomfortable there. So I choose to censor.

Funny how this co-indices with Adam Lambert’s concert in the country tonight. I read in the news two days ago that the Malaysian authorities requested him to behave on stage !

It was all creative and interesting to see something of that kind, from completely different angles. It’s probably also worth mentioning that weight-full ( I don’t mean fat, I mean important) representative from the UN, which has funded the event largely by the way, was present. A few other Weight-fulls were there too. Couldn’t be pleased with how the MC publicly and a little explicitly, flirted with some people… I mean seriously, if you have a cause to fight for, either be serious about it or just tell people it’s all a big sexual joke !. That’s how he made it sound to me.


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