They call it growing pains.

At almost 22 years old, I grow somehow extra conscious about my age. Even though it’s the time to be at peak physical performance and mental energy, I find myself weaker in both departments, i.e. dumb and .. probably beatable.

Fearing to grow older in that state of shameful youth! I decided a while back, very incoherently and subtly that I am joining a gym, one of these days.. end of this month ? next month ? next year ?. I went to a gym around my place and did all the inquiries I need, the girl got me all excited about joining… was only left to pay and execute the plan, of course then I get a little slowed down by that.. How much? Ok, let me rethink and re- plan, I’ll get back to you soon (BIG SMILE).

In the midst of my “re-planning” I got lucky to have met a friend who happens to be a personal trainer, teaches self defense arts and the whole 9 yards. literally. I got offered a free course. Can I say no to that ? And I got started. Although I have been warned it’s not going to be easy, but I thought something’s gotta give. My first session was good but of course the consequence of that was body aches and muscle cramps all over my body. I can’t complain yet. Am just saying, it’s probably worth the pain if it means staying young for a bit longer.. All I’m after is a little bit of stamina boost.

Wish me plenty of luck in the sessions to come, I need it.


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