The Country that’s about to divide.

In less than 70 days Sudan, the largest land mass in Africa, will be at a decision making point of wither to separate the Southern lands from the North or stay united. The latter option is rather very weak nonetheless.

The current situation in Sudan is very sad, the whole political dilemma and its very complicated issues. I can begin by blaming the ruling government but… Alas. That’s useless. They are just another really bad group of useless corrupted minds.

It is rather heartbreaking to see my homeland becoming two. We just dream we had the right management to take care of our natural resources, our human resources, our diversity of ethnics and religions.. It is a wealth that is going to waste because of mismanagement and corruption. Greed and selfishness can, and it did drag, the whole country to a critical situation like the one right now. A situation of endless conflicts.

Last night I ran into a beautiful young lady from South Sudan, here in Malaysia in my friends place where we had a small gathering. She is hot to begin with. It has hit me when I first saw her and got to talk to her that I sadly never had peers or friends from that region of my own country. The beautiful south.

Back in the capital city of Khartoum, southerners and northerners live together in terms of class. The race, the color and the education too. It is the norm. What everybody is used to. However, many of the Sudanese people in general are people of love and compassion and if there is to be any discrimination, I strongly believe it is the product of politicians. In other words we do very well know how to live together in peace.

Eva Lopa, that’s the name of the hot girl from the South that I met here, she is absolutely on my side to unite Sudan. She does not want separation, although I think she is in a place to ask for it. Just seeing that 1 person from Sudan, and the south to be particular, doesn’t want separation gave me hope and much more comfort than I thought it would. Call me naive but it made a difference.

Shall pray and remain hopeful for better days.



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