My Favorite Singers !

For some reason I have recently come across being asked who’s my favorite singer or whom do I like to listen to, pretty often; I usually don’t have a particular answer. The more often asked, it gets a little funny. So I feel like I disappoint some people when they ask if I listen to a certain musician/singer/band and I answer “mmm no? Haven’t heard.”… Doesn’t really help with my extreme self consciousness either.

Probably not so bad as I make it sound, but I am just someone who doesn’t have a particular taste when it comes to music. So I go by universal. I listen to almost everything as long as it sounds good to my ears, and preferably if I can sing along… Which makes my playlist quite lengthy.

So am the humming type. I would probably ask you, have you heard the song that goes like “hmm uhh mmmmm yeaaah” ? – It seems I have a better tune/melody memory rather than name memory.

Basically now, and in the time of my life when am trying to put as much things together as possible, I believe it’s time to decide on a good playlist and make it my own favorite… it will be update-able of course. I just hope it doesn’t mean I’ll have to narrow down very much, my very, very broad taste of music…  Guess soon I’ll be asking the peers, “have you heard hooka wooka’s new song – I’m desperate ?” – Someone better say yes.


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