After my previous post, it seems like there was so much things going on I wanted to tell you, dear readers, about. I know there isn’t much of you though, but the saying goes like “fake it till you make it”, doesn’t it ?. Anyway, my best friend asked me how come I never mentioned anything about my new year’s eve. Which was literally Epic by the way. And he’s right, I should totally put up a whole post about that crazy night… but I’m afraid it’s a little too late for that, I mean people got over new year’s eve 3 weeks ago.. So I’ll just tell you this; IT WAS IN LANGKAWI ! YEY ! .. for those of you with no clue what Langkawi is, it happens to be a tropical island in the North of Malaysia.. Just beautiful.

I went with a group of happy people from England.. Sudan and we probably met people from all walks of life in that little reggae beach bar called Babylon. Hmm.. It was just ‘gorgeous gorgeous’ to quote my English friends. Thanks to the cheap booze, it was memorable. And I will leave it to that. :-D.

A couple of days down the road and into the month of January, I began seeing a few significant changes in my life.. Not major but just.. obvious and worth thinking about for a little while. To begin with maybe, the fact that I moved out from where I lived for the last 3 years, which is not that long.. yet it’s a change that requires a little of readjustments in one’s life and the whole 9 yards. One good benefit of that though, is that I moved closer to my best friend’s house. So now we hang out all the time and one day he will tell me how annoying it is to be in his face 24 hours of the 7 days.

The moving out from a “habitat” to another, I think, is like reflection into the physical world, of my other side of life. Basically. Emotionally, mentally, I am changing.. I am moving on with pains in the year that passed. Leaving behind so many memories in the previous house, some happy and some are sad. Making new friends, planning a new life.. a new strategy.. new ideas.. and a new year. And by that, I am not talking about a resolution. For a resolution is what you sit down and write on a paper and literally plan it – at least this is what I think of when you say resolution – but this just a change that I feel is coming so naturally.

I don’t know what’s the secret, I do know it’s serendipity. I do know God has planned everything for us wither we like it or not. And maybe, just maybe, that’s why I am a little worried – not to say that I don’t trust in God – But it just keeps me wondering, after all the moving on, and the moving “out”, will it actually be better ? Or am I going to repeat the same silly mistakes and crumble upon myself again ?.  This wondering, this over thinking, is somehow tiring.. it hurts.. because it eventually brings back the past with the good and bad ingredients of it and puts it right before your eyes. Lets you see when you were wrong, when you were right, when you were happy and as well when you got hurt.

I say, let me shake all this off and start a new page with a whole new chapter. And for the record, as much as I sound very dramatic. I hate dramatic people. I honestly do. However, these are just notes from the heart, straight to the screen. No editing, no revising.. (o well just a little), no acting and .. definitely no tears flowing down the cheek or anything. I mean what the fuck for. I am only twenty two. Let me live the life !

I haven’t more to say but just.. Know that things will get better for all of us if we really want them to. And yes, do believe in the Karma thingy. It is so true.



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