If you don’t have a Vicki, get yourself a Vicki.

I have a good friend named Vicki. I mean, he is the best kind of Vickis you can meet out there. In a world where there is hardly ever a Vicki ! I can’t imagine where to begin when talking about Vicki. But I can certainly say, he is like no other friend I ever had. He is simply different.

This is not a post to praise you Mr Vick, it is just to state the fact that you truly are one of a kind. (Boost your ego)

Vicki thinks high of me, which is really not something I’m used to. I’m probably used to the contrary. He tries to make sure that I like the very type of music he listens to, and if I happen not to like a song.. he will try harder until I actually like it. funny, but fair enough because we do have a similar taste. He says he is my biggest fan in writing. I’m not sure how.

Vicki has shared with me a major thing about his life, that I have to say it has taken me a couple of hours to completely absorb… if completely it is.

The news that he is an adopted child was not exactly shocking, but rather surprising; for I have been very oblivious about it for the last two years we have been friends. My dumb slow brain is not the one to blame this once but it’s his mother. Honestly, I have always thought to myself, what a wonderful caring mother Vicki has. You would never for a second think she is not the biological mother. Because she is not only caring for him but for his friends too. One lovely lady she is.

I will not deny to you Vicki that it crossed my mind once or twice that I don’t see the facial or physique features usually parents would share with their children, but I thought oh well, how is that important ?. Truly, It’s not important. It’s important that you’re happy, and I am as well happy to be your friend.

One day, a long time ago, Vicki helped me with a little something as he usually does and offers out of his own will. I was pleased and I thanked him for it, and as a way to express how grateful I am, I told him I’ll be telling my other friends,  “If you don’t have a vicki, get yourself a vicki” and he burst out laughing. That was something I completely forgot .. and just last night he reminds me of that quote and he told me he has a couple of other quotes that I have said and he is going to compile them in a blog post. I was thinking to myself, wow, I never knew I am actually quotable.. !

Told you people, Vicki is a great friend, he is Ace with a capital A.  He is helpful, he is happy, and he boosts your ego too ! What a friend eh.

So if you don’t have a Vicki, get yourself a Vicki.


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