Our only way out; is to rage out.

I have incoherent thoughts and a lump mixture of feelings about the series of revolutions that have been taking place in most of the Arab and North African countries to be exact, recently, specially in my homeland. In fact, it’s all about my homeland that I honestly care.

Tunisians raged and went out in the streets to protest against their corrupted low standard government. The Tunisian achievement of overthrowing the president then inspired the Egyptians who decided without further a due to take action and be responsible of their own fate on their own soil. It’s called breaking free. As a matter of fact I don’t think many people expected such a rage from Egyptians. As I write this post, Egypt is all over the news and the situation is getting extremely crazy by the day. To be precise, the Mubarak Government is literally losing control. And for that I am truly proud of the Egyptians.

The situation in Sudan nonetheless is way over due breaking free. It’s basically very sad to me, that the Sudanese were as if waiting for someone (the Tunisians in this case) to show them the way out of their misery, then only they decided to act, after they got a confirmation from the Egyptians. – That’s firstly. Secondly and what kind of hurts is that they barely took a serious action.

Fine, never too late. Also let’s say we have been inspired and encouraged by our neighboring countries, why didn’t we really act ? What has happened to us ? Why are people so negative about it ? I don’t understand.

I am not in anyway degrading the role of those truly passionate patriotic young men and women who tried and are still trying, who led and are still leading the break through – But in fact I am very much disappointed with the little support, those Sudan loving men and women, got from the majority, as of 30th Jan 2011, the day of the first peaceful protest that didn’t end quiet peaceful. How cowardly we have come to be in the years !

Egyptians are not more brave than us, and I know we love our land as much as they do love theirs. Or maybe more. – Why aren’t we moving our lazy asses for the change ? Why can they do it and we can’t ?

We have to forget fear, because fear is exactly what the enemy has been seeding and planting inside of us for the last 2 and a half decades. It’s just about time we kill that fear, kill the roots and kill the bloody hypocrite who grew it.

I believe we need to become consistent, we should never stop and we should not fear anyone at all. Freedom comes at a high price, but once you have it, it’s worth every sacrifice. I, the average Sudanese young man who is looking forward to a brighter future, for a better free prosperous Sudan ; beg you all my peers, friends, family and country men to stand together for the cause. Any little you do makes a major difference, even if you’re out of Sudan; write, raise awareness help and communicate. Everything you do is a step towards a better Sudan.

I pray we all live to see the Sudan we dream about.


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