Sudan, it’s about time.

International media, attention please.

I do not have a clue how is it possible to get a broke reporter’s attention, who would care a little bit to tell the world what’s happening in Sudan. Because it seems like no one knows. No one knows good enough. We need more publicity and awareness. In fact we need it in Sudan first, before anywhere else ! For people that I can’t possibly put all the blame on, are just busy trying to live a decent life as far as feeding the kids is concerned, but they just don’t realize that it’s about time they put an end to this.

Away from Darfur genocide, besides what the media keeps highlighting that it makes Sudan nothing other than Darfur, there is actually a lot happening in every corner of the country. In Khartoum, in the East, West and the used to be South, they eat our rights like pieces of cakes, they torture students for speaking their mind and expressing their opinions. They go as far as raping women and killing children. The price of food and essentials of life are getting higher every single day. They lash a girl for wearing a pair of jeans. They claim Islam is their cause while they eat bribes, they cheat, they rape, they kill and they do all kinds of horrible things that any human being with a good conscience won’t do, let alone claim righteousness and religiousness.!

I may be stating the obvious but there is much more to it. I for one won’t be able to articulate everything well enough because, one – is the fact that I have been away from home for a few years now, two – is that I am not a politician. But to my surprise, some people, and I mean Sudanese people, say that they know of no one better than Basheer or his regime for now. And I really just don’t get it.

I mean really, don’t you just wish and reminisce… ?

What if Sudan was a 1st world country ? Khartoum was an A-class civilized city with skyscrapers… And the river Nile had the most beautiful restaurants and recreations on its banks along the Nile street. Imagine if our tourism had a revenue of 1 billion US dollars annually. Imagine if our schools were the best in the region and our children actually had an Education. What if we had a state of the art health care system. Think of how it would have been so good to say “I am from Sudan” rather that it almost being a doubtful pride at the time being. Imagine the underground train running through Khartoum, Umdurman and Bahri. Imagine if living in Kasala or Madani  was like living in Nagoya of Japan. What if we had the most happening night life ever. What if we were actually to be compared with other cities ? How about if we had amazing media, music, movies, art and spoken out philosophy. And believe it when I tell you Sudanese people are true artists, they are sublimely creative and they are the most influential people on earth only if given the right chances, the tools and the means. I feel there is a lot of potential, there is so much we could have given to humanity, but now it’s too little … very insignificant. What if ? What if ?

All this is not impossible, we just need a true honest to the heart Sudan loving leader. I know to some people, and sadly most of them would be Sudanese, this sounds like a vague phantom of a dream. But I believe we rather act on our dream than just sit there and watch it being taken away.

In recent years I have just wished and dreamed that things will get better some day in that country. I thought that only by time and grace of a loving God, things will change, and I almost forgot that even God himself won’t change nothing until we decide to change it. What’s happening in Libya now as I write this post tells me that my people are cowards and are 100% deprived from patriotism. Most of those Sudanese people brainwashed by our regime only know how to blame America and the international community for being infidels and Islam haters. It is insanely irritating. The only reason I would want to blame America is leaving Basheer and his regime to take over Sudan for this long and not coming in to overthrow him. I honestly don’t mind the return of colonization either. Ok no that was a little joke.

So my people, it’s about time. It’s about time we prove to the world we have a voice, we have an identity, we have great civilization. We are creative, we are strong, we live and die for our country. Let the dreams come true. It’s about time




  1. i agree with you in many points; mainly, the hypocrisy of the ruling party (alkeezan) – their claim of being an islamic movement while engaging in countless acts that directly goes against islamic teachings, and even common decency-

    secondly, the loss of patriotism among the people, specially in the younger generations; which is a direct result of the ever falling economy, the utter lacking fairness in opportunities and the dis-functionally corrupt system of everything really (lets face it, it’s not only in government);

    thirdly, the sudanese peoples’ surrender to the system; which is stemmed from being in the darkness for so long that they see no hope; they look at their other options and they see no better ones; the other options are all too radical politically (alshiyo3eyeen.. etc), or the same people who are not very different from the current ruling party (al umma party… etc); sudanes people sadly think that the current government officials must have reached a point of saturation of corruption and they are starting to release some of the wealth back to the community to protect their positions; if they elect someone else, they might start stealing even more!; which to me is an argument that doesn’t make much sense.

    but i disagree with you in what sudan should be, or rather, what i hope sudan to be; the skyscrapers and the beautiful scenery and recreation along the river bank..etc;

    being an economics major, that sort of economic well being, to me is not at all an indication of society’s well being. look at gulf countries, while the estate look impressive, they weren’t built by their people… it was foreign investors, foreign workers and foreign business strategy; that leaves individuals in the society with no choice but to keep up with it, or loose marketability, and takes a good lump of profits to these foreign investors… leaving us with an impressive looking city with an impressive tourism revenue and a strong economy but under the mercy of big international corporations with most of the society depending on monthly salaries… and very little innovation.

    and also i sensed a bit of secularism in your article “or blog post”, which i have many problems with…

    this could be a very interesting conversation, call me, or show up to cyberjaya or something man, long time.

    1. Thank you for agreeing to the most of it. You leave not much to say.
      However, about the economy and the skyscrapers bit, I was only talking metaphorically. I am not, at least for the time being, at all concerned about the particular of the economy. I am just trying to make a simple layman reader visualize a different state of Sudan. To imagine possibilities and to provoke a thought, desperately trying to trigger a feeling of jealousy.

      secularism, oh well, yes it is very much secular.

      Thank you much buddy and surely we will meet up soon. I was thinking maybe we should go protest in front of the embassy one of these days ? what say you ? :-D.


  2. I just read your first article and wow! I realized we have the same dreams and ambitions for our nations.

    I’m from Djibouti, and despite the apparent cultural and religious ties with Sudan, our similarities go beyond that. The incompetence of our leaders, the loss of hope and patriotism among our people and the lack of a credible opposition people can turn to… And to see young Sudanese, say no to all of this, young Sudanese strong enough to imagine a different Sudan, it gives me strength. It makes me realize I’m not alone and that someone, somewhere is fighting the same fight! I encourage and congratulate you, let no one ever break your dreams and ambitions!

    P.S: You’re right, secularism is the way forward!

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