Happy Independence South Sudan

People always celebrate independence, during my life that is, as a memory and merely as a date – But to witness an independence taking place in its time feels like something from the books of history coming to life. Our parents and those from a previous generation may have witnessed independence events in the past but this, for our generation is the first. That at least could be something to highlight.

July 9th of 2011 is the date South Sudan gained its independence from the North, and by default the North as well becomes a new state by itself, yet not considered a new born or newly independent because the Northern central government always assumed dominance and the role of the unmerciful mother, hence South Sudan gets the right to separate and become independent. That is to state the obvious.

On an emotional note, it is heart breaking to lose a part of the land you always known as your country. On a practical note however, and after all the anticipation and grieving time we have all served, it is possibly for the best of both parties, and if things work out pretty well as we all hope in the near future, maybe the two countries can get remarried and become an item. As long as the Southerners are concerned at the moment, they are very happy to have gained this independence and it is but their right. They deserve our congratulations and they deserve happy celebrations.

With hopes and wishes that South Sudan and North Sudan shall stand up strong as two neighboring nations free of war and corruption. Soon to be remarried.

#LoveFromSudan is a twitter trend initiated by tweeple/tweetle/tweepie or whatever, @elzubeir. I would like to thank him for this beautiful and kind initiative of love from the North to the South. Here is the video message he put together and the product of a good will effort.


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