America; How the Dream is Turning into a Nightmare

It’s very easy to look at the new American puppet and say he is an inhuman monster for having banned a few hundred million innocent people from coming into the ‘land of freedom’ even if their lands are warn-torn or bombed by the advocates of democracy and their oil rich allies- What we’re tremendously failing to see in this stunt of distraction however, is that the ‘land of the free’ -on which the ideals of freedom have been long questioned by those of us coloured and/or living in it- is simply in the process of revealing its true nature that’s rooted -since and before the ‘birth of a nation‘- in greed, bigotry, fear, insecurity, separation, and the power of the dollar. The only power that puppets have is the money in our pocket that we spend everyday to legitimise the economy which sustains the same nature of its roots in our daily reality. But our issue is not ‘money’ in itself, it is our relationship to it which counts, because it reflects our relationship to the system that gives birth to it. It is therefore no surprise that in this version of a dream called ‘the american’, those on the darker shades of brown happen to be more of those who have less of that ‘manipulated’ money power. Because think about it, the angry ones with such actual power talking about religion, tradition and values may objectively and truly feel that their identity is in jeopardy and that they long for some God loving abortion-free gay-rectifying black-lives-don’t-matter conservative lifestyle, with a gun or two at home just in case one of us savages comes along. Since they are not exactly of enough intelligence to comprehend differences or the diversity of nature, their fears maybe real considering that their main source of education about the world is … mass media, Fox news and the movies that tell them about their falsified superiority. It will be hard to convince them that life is richer than their insecurities, or even their existence, in much the same way you can’t convince ISIS that their beliefs are hurtful, terrifying and deadly. We all know how mass media and different means of communication contribute to our worldview as manipulated by those who control… (wait for it)… the economy.

When our TV box cultivates certain images and underlying ideologies 24 hours of everyday (specially in a tv-loving country like the USofA), it works exactly like religious texts that misguide people who have no access or interest in other sources of information than what’s provided by the ruling powers (the economy of brain binging and consumerism). Consumption of many little ‘alternative facts’ eventually leads to literal interpretation of symbols and deadly consequences. One of the problems that will soon become the talk of the people, is the radicalisation of the white man. People somehow think it’s not possible even when they see it happening, mostly because that’s not what media symbols about crime and poverty have been telling us for the last 70+ years. But the truth is, with the rise of another home entertainment puppet such as Trump who has no limits or any reservation in his use of verbal indecencies, he will intentionally or unintentionally, become the ideal leader for many deep seated conservative religious white american psychological issues that have always come out at the marginal man. Today, it has been ‘informally legitimised’, by the simple act of Trump’s presidency, for white men to express their hate, their misogyny and their insecurities with their loaded rifles on any sector of american society that is deemed as the ‘other’. It’s only a matter of time for the media to be calling it terrorism for what it is, unlike in the past when that label was reserved for crimes committed by brown people.

I consider myself lucky to be from one of the seven countries in the current list of the travel ban to the US not just because their mentally unstable are allowed to buy guns, and the normalisation of violence inspired by their movies, but also because the seven banned countries have one thing in common; a long experience under dictatorship regimes. Which means that to see someone like Trump taking the presidency of the United States and doing all that he did in his first week in office, is knocking down all our illusions of the past. For the longest time we looked up to the US as the place of dreams, like everyone else in the world did I believe, and we thought that those people have got it figured out. It had to do with associating America with the handsome good doing righteous white man and the misplaced conditioning of society through the mass media economy in the whole world. In fact, deeply we probably don’t want that image of the US as the country of dreams to change, because that’s how we knew it since we were born. Afraid of our cognitive dissonance, we actually try to protect white america’s image in our mind, even when it has in many different ways hurt all of us and my country for as long as we can remember. Living under dictatorships for a long time makes you really appreciate it when you smell freedom, but also trains you to see the signs of oppression and the step by step process of legitimising a totalitarian regime. And dear America, I and my fellow banned Sudanese citizens regret to tell you that sorry, but you are walking the steps of tyranny and from being the dream, you’re turning into the nightmare.


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